Medical Advisement Disclaimer

Spam 4 Heals does not condone the solicitation or dispensing of advisement on forms of medical treatment, medical diagnoses, or health and wellness planning. Visitors are encouraged to seek out professional medical advice from their primary health care provider, therapist, or similar licensed medical professional. Spam 4 Heals and its representatives are not responsible should a visitor utilize any statements while engaging in dialogue within Spam 4 Heals or its affiliates.

Use of any programs by Spam 4 Heals or affiliates is at the sole discretion of the user. Spam 4 Heals cannot advise on medical treatment, programs, or professionals in the course of its programs. Spam 4 Heals is not responsible for the use of third party affiliates advertised through our media, including other suicide prevention or mental health programs, websites, affiliates, or sponsors.


Visiting the Channels

The channels are here for everyone as a support group setting. Feel free to simply chat with other visitors about anything you like, but be mindful of the following guidelines so that everyone can feel welcome and safe while visiting Spam 4 Heals or Broadcast 4 Reps:

  1. Trolling, griefing, making threats of harm to others, scamming, auction/sale spam, posting pornography, and generally being a nuisance to others will result in a  permanent ban from the channel(s).
  2. We do not permit discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, public assistance status, disability, age, national origin, veteran status, or gender identity by anyone in the channel. To summarize - treat others with respect while visiting the channels.
  3. Do not dispense medical advice in the channels. We encourage people to talk with their primary care provider and provide references for state or government sponsored programs and phone numbers.
  4. The Discord app allows chatting between users - the moderators and admins CANNOT see these one-on-one interactions. Feel free to make friends and have private conversations, but if anyone harasses you, please contact a moderator. Be prepared to show logs or screenshots of the harassment for investigative purposes.
  5. Spam 4 Heals and Broadcast 4 Reps are mature, video game based support groups. This means you should expect to see cursing, references to drugs and alcohol, and risque behavior in the channels some of the time. If this behavior offends you, please ask to speak to someone 1-on-1.
  6. In game channels referenced by Spam 4 Heals are moderated by volunteers that may or may not be part of Spam 4 Heals. These in-game channels are subject to the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement of the respective game developer and Spam 4 Heals is not responsible for actions within the video game.


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