About Broadcast 4 Reps

Broadcast 4 Reps was created after players in the EVE Online gaming community recognized a need for their fellow gamers to contact one another when real life gets tough. This community, who represents the founding of Spam 4 Heals, provides a safe setting for those who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm to reach out and seek help.


  • Multitude of channels to receive assistance
  • Players from all areas of Eve Online welcome
  • Community supported network


About Best of Us

The Best of Us focuses on providing a safe and welcoming community for EVE Military Veterans of all nations.

This community aims to support one another through difficult times and to help combat Veteran suicides both through peer intervention and outreach and awareness of issues that are dealt within the Veteran community.


  • Peer support for Military worldwide
  • Active Duty, Veteran, Reserve and Retired
  • Players from all areas of gaming welcome
  • Community supported network