Our Mission Statement

Spam 4 Heals services the members of our video game community by promoting suicide prevention and mental health care.

We educate the video game community and the public about mental health, suicide prevention, and assist the individual video gamer’s mental health care through charitable efforts and financial assistance.

The Highlights

  • Bring awareness about the importance of suicide prevention
  • Show the need for mental health care
  • Educate our community about mental health and suicide prevention
  • Provide assistance through charitable efforts
  • Provide safety for those we service

Our History

Spam 4 Heals (S4H) is a non-profit organization based in the USA that reaches out to the video game community with a strong message: “We love you. As your gaming community, we want you to reach out to us if you need help. If you suffer from thoughts of self-harm, suicide or mental illness, Spam 4 Heals.” The gamers who reach out to us exist across every age, race, culture, and include military veterans, teenagers, members of the LGBT community, and so on. S4H offers them a place to connect to when their real-life troubles become too much to handle alone.

S4H was born from the player-driven, in-game suicide prevention initiative “Broadcast 4 Reps” in the popular online game EVE Online. Started in 2014 after losing several fellow gamers to suicide, players within the community began establishing “safe-zone” chat channels inside the game and out and began helping at-risk gamers. Realizing there was a desperate need for assistance for mental health care among gamers everywhere, Spam 4 Heals was formed to ensure all gamers know that they matter in this world.