How can I deduct my donation on my taxes?

Yes, you can! You will need Spam 4 Heal’s tax ID number, which is 47-5339006. If you have any questions about how to deduct charitable donations on your taxes, please consult your tax adviser.


How can I donate?

You can donate directly to Paypal:


or you can make checks payable to “Spam 4 Heals” and mail to:

Spam 4 Heals

820 Park Row #452

Salinas CA, 93901


How can I become a volunteer?

We are always looking for those with initiative, experience, and compassion to become passionate volunteers!

Typically, we encourage people to join our chat channel in order to see what we do. If you think you can contribute more, please contact us here (link FAQ button form page) and give us a short description of yourself and your contact information.


Does Spam 4 Heals offer counseling?

No. Spam 4 Heals is an organization made up of fellow gamers like you that care, and as such, have created a place where you can find support among friendly peers. You should view those you interact with as you would any new friend or family – nonprofessionals, but still those that care and are willing to listen and help.


Someone told me that Spam 4 Heals has financial aid, is this true?

Spam 4 Heals is currently laying the foundation for a financial aid program for at-risk gamers that need assistance with their mental health care. At this stage, we are still drafting the policies and getting the infrastructure in place as well as securing the funding needed to help. Please check back often as we hope to get this program accessible to you very soon.


I want to learn how to help others. Where can I learn about suicide prevention or mental illness?

Spam 4 Heals recommends that anyone considering engaging in preventing suicide watch the following video by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC).

In regards to mental illness specifically, Spam 4 Heals encourages taking advantage of the free classes offered by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in your county. You will also find local support groups through their “NAMI Connection”.


Why Spam 4 Heals?

This organization was started as we saw a need that wasn’t being filled. We have been providing awareness and chat services since 2014, however, a constant struggle we saw with our fellow gamers was the financial burden preventing them from accessing the proper mental health care in order to begin the path to wellness. Even with our volunteers helping search for options, too many of our fellow lower to middle-income capsuleers in the US were still not able to obtain any form of aid for the care they required.

Our goal with the financial aid program is to fill that need. By helping bridge the gap, we will see to it that those that wish to get help can get help. We are tired of watching too many good people lose their battle when a few hundred dollars for medication or therapy could have made all the difference.

Have a Question?

Have a question not seen here? Feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.